ceo letter

To Our Stakeholders,

A company’s sustainability efforts are a testament to its commitment to operate safely, reliably and in an environmentally responsible manner. It also helps ensure we provide a safe, diverse, inclusive and engaging workplace for our employees while also making a positive impact in the communities where we operate.

In this Corporate Responsibility Report, we share our successes of the past year and offer a view into a few of our 2017 initiatives.

Highlights from 2016 include:

  • Implementing a new Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) reporting software companywide;
  • Completing a Safety and Health Capability Review;
  • Monitoring legislative and regulatory policies at all levels of government that can impact operations;
  • Contributing to communities where we operate and our employees live and work; and
  • Reducing exposure to cybersecurity threats by implementing new controls and continuing to educate employees about risks.

As part of our ongoing commitment to ESH, our employees continuously assess safety risks related to ONEOK’s operations and implement safe work practices, hazard controls and training to minimize those risks. Through numerous ESH initiatives executed across our company, we continue to strive for zero-incident ESH performance. For a more detailed breakdown of our ESH performance between 2012 and 2016, see the statistical comparisons here.

Our company’s success is dependent upon the success of our employees, who are our greatest resource. We must nurture creativity, entrepreneurial thinking and diverse thought – none of which are attainable without fostering an inclusive workplace. Details on our ongoing Diversity and Inclusion efforts are found here.

The essential ingredient to making ONEOK a sustainable company comes from our caring and conscientious employees who embrace our core values of Ethics, Quality, Diversity, Value and Service, each and every day.

I hope that after reading this report you will feel, as I do, that we have an outstanding workforce dedicated to learning, improving and making ONEOK a better company. I thank them for their ongoing efforts and contributions.