ONEOK values being a good corporate citizen and is committed to fostering partnerships between our company, employees and the community. We seek to give back through building partnerships with community organizations and key stakeholders that address local needs and provide resources for all to benefit. By providing community investments programs and opportunities that encourage and support engagement, it helps create shared value by connecting the success of business with societal progress.

Through investments and engagement, we aim to provide a positive environment for our employees, as well as enhance the quality of life and economic well-being for those in the communities where we operate and our employees live and work. Collectively, we can make an impact and build stronger communities today and in the future.

The collaboration between our company, employees and the community was evident following Hurricane Harvey, which hit the Texas Gulf Coast affecting many communities and our employees who work and live in that area. ONEOK pledged to contribute $300,000 to community organizations assisting with short-term disaster relief and long-term recovery efforts, as well as $200,000 toward the two-for-one match on all contributions to ONEOK’s ONE Trust Fund. ONEOK employees generously contributed more than $80,000 taking advantage of the company match to help their fellow co-workers affected by Harvey.

As a nonprofit, charitable organization, ONE Trust supports ONEOK employees in times of personal crises due to natural disasters, medical emergencies or other hardships. Employees can lend their support through donating unused vacation time or monetary contributions on an annual basis. The organization is administered by a board of directors that is composed of ONEOK employees who volunteer their time.