New Corporate ESH ORGANIZATION Announced

As the expectations of our stakeholders continue to grow with respect to our ability to operate in a safe, environmentally responsible and sustainable manner, it is essential to continue strengthening our commitment to improve our ESH performance. Our employees, the communities we work in, regulators and our investors look to our company to provide long-term sustainability around these initiatives.

Though ONEOK has performed well in providing a safe workplace for employees and contractors, mitigating exposures of different risks to the public and reducing our impact on the environment, additional action was deemed appropriate to meet increasing stakeholder’s expectations. This is especially true for issues related to environment, safety and health strategies, technical training, management systems, climate change impact and other ESH sustainability opportunities.

As a result, in July 2017, a new, independent ESH organization was created to address the shifting stakeholder and industry focus toward environmental sustainability and provide specific responsibilities for guiding our leadership efforts around ESH.

The new organization consists of four groups: