When it comes to diversity and inclusion (D&I), ONEOK ranks high among our peers, with scores that have been increasing – and celebrated – in recent years.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    In 2017, our D&I efforts and employee-focused culture received multiple recognitions, including:

    • The Inclusive Workplaces Award, 5/5 stars, from the Tulsa Regional Chamber.
    • 20 percent by 2020 – Winning Company from Women on Boards.
    • Corporate Equality Index, 95/100 from the Human Rights Campaign.
    • “Great Companies To Work For” from Oklahoma Magazine.

    The more we are able to maximize the positive impacts of a diverse and inclusive workplace, the stronger our culture becomes. Through collaborative efforts in Diversity and Inclusion and Talent Acquisition, we are able to attract and retain talented employees who strengthen our work environment and contribute to our long-term business success.

    The D&I team launched two new business resource groups in 2017: the Black/African-American Resource Group and Veterans Resource Group, joining the Women’s Resource Group, which formed in 2008. Business resource groups are voluntary, employee-led groups that serve as resources for both members and our company. As diversity is one of ONEOK’s core values, the purpose of every business resource group is to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace that is aligned with ONEOK’s vision and mission. These groups are open to all employees and offer members professional development, networking and mentoring opportunities.

    In addition, ONEOK’s Diversity and Inclusion team and business resource groups provided multiple business education and professional development opportunities to our employees. Highlights included:

    • A presentation on the importance of company culture and relationship building leading up to and during one of our pipeline projects.
    • A Black History Month program led by award-winning author Clifton Taulbert and attended by students from a Tulsa-area high school.
    • A presentation on the power of influence led by nationally renowned women’s leadership coach Jo Miller.
    • A presentation on how to communicate effectively in any setting, with any audience.
    • A webinar series that included small-group discussions on topics like personal leadership brand, leading from any level and speaking up.
    • A speakers club where employees honed their presentation and public speaking skills, as well as gained confidence in leading groups, large and small.

    Most of these events were webcast to our field locations. In addition, our Sidney, Montana, office hosted an event discussing generational differences, and 30 field locations participated in our Veterans Day celebration.

    To share D&I resources with all employees and leaders, we launched an internal D&I website to allow easy access to the latest D&I information, as well as up-to-date inclusive leadership resources. We also launched a monthly, one-stop-shop D&I email for employees that includes upcoming events, employee profiles and inclusion-related resources delivered directly to their inboxes.

    In addition to providing D&I efforts throughout our workplace, we also seek to support inclusion initiatives in the communities in which our employees live and work. In 2017, ONEOK supported more than 15 D&I-related community events and sponsored a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education program in five schools within our geographic footprint. Among those was our hosting a “Natural Gas Visibility Day” for Tulsa-area high school students from historically underrepresented backgrounds to visit ONEOK and learn about the careers in our industry.

    Other highlights included our participation in:

    • The annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Parade in Tulsa.
    • Oklahomans for Equality’s annual Equality Gala.
    • YWCA Tulsa’s Women of the Year Pinnacle Awards.
    • Oklahoma State University’s Women’s Business Leadership Conference.
    • 100 Black Men of Tulsa’s annual Awards & Scholarship Gala.
    • Hispanic American Foundation’s Noche de Gala.
    • John Hope Franklin Center’s Dinner of Reconciliation.

    In addition, our D&I staff provided diversity and inclusion education and support to multiple area nonprofits to help them further their D&I efforts, such as the “Empower Her/Hidden Figures” STEM event for approximately 400 girls from 14 Tulsa-area schools. Others include the Tulsa Area United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council D&I Advisory Committee, the University of Oklahoma’s Sylvia Lewis Women’s Leadership Conference and the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice.

    The D&I team also partnered with Talent Acquisition and University and Technical School Recruiting to host several D&I visits/virtual meetings at various universities.

    University and Technical School giving from the ONEOK Foundation or corporate contributions totaled $144,450, of which 28 percent ($39,800) was D&I related, exceeding our goal of 25 percent D&I funding.

  • Talent Acquisition and Retaining Employees

    • 2017 college recruitment program
         » Number of total school visits (career fairs/networking events) in both core university recruiting schools and core technical recruiting schools: Approximately 40.
         » Number of interviews from selected students: Approximately 230.
         » Number of students in ONEOK summer internship program or full-time trainee program resulting from recruiting efforts: 39 interns and 11 trainees.


    Maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace provides stability for employees and gives our company a boost in hiring and retaining high-caliber talent, thus enhancing the company’s sustainability.

    This theme applies to our business operations and to our employee benefits programs. We regularly compare our benefits to those offered by our peers and make adjustments as needed to ensure we are offering a competitive benefits package within our market and industry. Maintaining a benefits package that is beneficial for our employees and the company as a whole is an important goal for the Human Resources department.

    Below is a list of a few of the benefits ONEOK offers:

    • Employees may choose between a traditional Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan and a High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with a health savings account.
    • Health benefits for domestic partners.
    • Flexible spending accounts.
    • Participants in both health plan options have access to low-cost 24/7 medical care through telemedicine providers.
    • 401(k) plan (featuring 100 percent immediate company match up to 6 percent of eligible compensation).
    • Profit sharing plan (quarterly company contribution equal to 1 percent of eligible compensation; annual company profit-sharing contribution of 2 percent to 6 percent of eligible compensation).
    • Employee stock purchase program (15 percent discount on purchase of up to $25,000 in value annually).
    • Employee stock award program (awarded to employees each time share price reaches a new high).
    • Dental benefit coverage.
    • Vision insurance coverage.
    • Life insurance coverage.
    • Employee assistance program.
    • Tuition reimbursement program.
    • Adoption assistance program.
    • Scholarship program.
    • Short-term and long-term disability programs.

    By partnering with our 401(k) plan administrator, ONEOK ensures its employees are provided with retirement resources to help them build a solid foundation for their retirement income. These resources include live and on demand webinars, on-site group meetings and one-on-one consultations, customized personal education campaigns, and online tools and calculators for retirement readiness topics including money management, asset allocation and retirement income modeling.



    (as of December 2017)


    ONEOK’s market-based compensation philosophy allows leaders the flexibility to compensate their employees based on their individual experience and performance. Employee pay is individualized, as it is based on several factors, including the position, employee performance, cost of labor in the geographic area, talent supply and demand. Supervisors are expected to perform a salary review at least once per year to ensure individual compensation continues to align with these factors. To assist leaders, the Compensation team within the Human Resources department develops a market reference point and recommended salary range for each job title and updates the market reference point periodically by comparing it against market survey data. The Compensation team also provides information regarding geographic adjustments and updates descriptions to reflect new and different responsibilities as needed. The Compensation team also assists ONEOK’s Legal department with conducting periodic audits and analysis of pay data to ensure pay equity among various employee demographics.

    Organizational Development

    The Organizational Development (OD) team continues to evolve with the needs of employees, leaders and industry trends. Continuing to offer a variety of training methods including webinars, live trainings, individual consultations, books and self-guided resources available on the intranet allows for employees to take ownership of their professional development.


    2017 Highlights:

    Technical Training

    • ONEOK employees attended more than 115,000 Technical/Safety/Compliance sessions in 2017.
    Employee Training and Development

    • Operating Commitments Training: Training for all new operations employees covering cultural and job expectations of Key Drivers, Key Activities and Roles-Responsibilities-Expectations. Twelve sessions were offered in 2017.
    • Extended DISC Training: The OD team offers both individual and team training on the Extended DISC Profile. We delivered approximately 500 DISC profiles and 21 team DISC sessions.
    • Organizational Development Website – A central online internal website containing nontechnical development resources open to all employees.
         » Averaged 1,000 visits to the site per month with an average of 250 unique users per month.
    In-Person Leadership Training

    • Foundations of Leadership training for new leaders: 33 attended.
    • Situational Leadership II: 425 leaders attended (80 percent).
    • Harvard ManageMentor: On-demand online content from Harvard available to all leaders that launched in late 2017.
    • New leader consultations: An OD team member meets with all new leaders to provide support and resources to help with the transition to the leader role. All new leaders also are enrolled in leadership training curriculum, complete a DISC Profile and participate in a 360 degree feedback process.
    • In 2017 and early 2018, the Women’s Resource Group hosted a series of six leadership development webinars for employees focused on topics like developing a personal leadership brand, leading from any level and leading boldly. More than 160 employees participated in the series, totaling more than 650 hours of training. Employees participated not only at the headquarters in Tulsa but also in several locations throughout our operating footprint.

    Succession Planning

    A key responsibility of the chief executive officer and the board of directors is ensuring that an effective process is in place to provide continuity of leadership over the long term at all levels in our company. Each year, succession-planning reviews are held at every significant organizational level of the company, culminating in a full review of senior leadership talent by our independent directors. During this review, the CEO, the chairman of the board and the other independent directors discuss future candidates for senior leadership positions, succession timing for those positions and development plans for the highest-potential candidates. This process ensures continuity of leadership over the long term, and it forms the basis on which our company makes ongoing leadership assignments.

    Employee Relations

    Employee Relations offers assistance to all employees in a variety of programs to include:

    • Workplace Accommodations – Employee Relations assists in identifying and evaluating possible job accommodations/modifications that may be made in the workplace.
    • Chemical Dependency Treatment Program – This program provides treatment referrals to confidential, professional chemical dependency treatment at approved facilities for employees who are diagnosed as having a chemical dependency problem and who are seeking treatment. Financial assistance will be provided up to a maximum of $3,000 per admission for inpatient or outpatient alcohol and/or drug abuse treatment and aftercare provided by an approved treatment provider.
    • Foreign National Sponsorships – Provides employment-based visa sponsorship for qualified skilled foreign nationals seeking U.S. employment.

    As a part of this commitment to workplace safety, ONEOK also maintains an Anti-Drug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Plan that applies to all safety-sensitive employees performing work regulated by U.S. Department of Transportation safety regulations.

    Employee Relations also offers performance management assistance to leaders by providing coaching and support with difficult conversations, help with disciplinary challenges and assistance with employee performance issues.

    ONEOK has had a long-standing commitment to providing a drug-free workplace for its employees. In an effort to create and maintain the safety and welfare of our workforce, our customers and the general public, all employees are included in a drug testing program. This program works hand in hand with an employee assistance program that provides resources and assistance for employees and their families.