Our commitments provide a clear vision from leadership of their priorities and expectations for our company, employees and contractors. By setting the expectation that our employees follow key principles that foster safe, environmentally responsible operation, and promote a diverse, inclusive and engaged workforce, we are creating an environment where our employees are empowered to do the right thing and strive for continuous improvement.



At ONEOK, we are committed to pursuing a zero-incident culture by continuously working toward mitigating risk and eliminating incidents that may harm our employees, contractors, the public or the environment.

In order to achieve ONEOK’s corporate and operating Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) expectations, all ONEOK employees and contractors are expected to demonstrate commitment to the following:

  • The protection of human health, safety and the environment as a top priority.
  • The responsibility and expectation to stop work when necessary to control operating exposures and risks to prevent incidents.
  • The responsibility and expectation to report, or elevate to the proper level in the organization, potential ESH compliance risks, incidents and near misses.
  • The responsibility and expectation to understand and comply with all laws, regulations, permits, requirements and procedures related to their role, including those associated with ESH.
  • The engagement with local communities and other stakeholders in areas in which we operate to continuously improve our ESH performance.
  • The execution and implementation of sustainability efforts.


ONEOK is committed to the protection of basic human rights and treating all individuals with dignity and respect. In 2018, ONEOK adopted a Human Exploitation Policy prohibiting human exploitation of any kind in connection with company business. The policy outlines how to report suspected violations, consequences for violations and additional resources available to employees. The policy is available on the company intranet and externally on our website.

Indigenous/Native American People Engagement

ONEOK recognizes the diversity of Indigenous/Native American People and is committed to creating and sustaining respectful relationships with Indigenous/Native American People in areas where we conduct business. We are dedicated to operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, carefully considering potential impacts of business operations on local communities and natural and cultural resources.

Nature of Engagement: The cooperative nature of engagement with Indigenous/Native American People in business and community projects aligns closely with ONEOK’s core values—Ethics, Quality, Diversity, Value and Service—which guide our actions towards achieving mutually beneficial outcomes for all our stakeholders.

Where necessary and applicable, ONEOK will facilitate external engagement according to the following practices:

  • Acknowledging that mutual trust and respect are fundamental to transparent communication.
  • Recognizing Indigenous/Native American People and their communities may be affected by our existing operations and future projects.
  • Committing to good faith engagement and communication through collaborative relationships.

Stakeholder Engagement Commitment

ONEOK is committed to supporting the stakeholders where we operate, and where our employees live and work, by fostering relationships between our company, our employees and the community.

We are committed to operating reliably, safely and environmentally responsibly, promoting the safety and health of our employees and the communities where we operate.

We strive to operate our businesses in a manner that recognizes the ESH expectations of each of our key stakeholders, including regulatory agencies, the communities in which we operate, landowners, customers, employees, nongovernmental organizations and investors. We work to build constructive relationships with our diverse stakeholder groups, creating shared value by engaging with them early and often. We seek to give back by working with community organizations and by providing resources designed to address the social, economic and environmental interests of key stakeholders.

Growth Projects

Building and operating successful energy infrastructure requires compliance with regulatory requirements. These requirements frequently derive from or can involve meaningful coordination, consultation and/or communication with affected stakeholders. Where appropriate, we also employ various project-specific stakeholder outreach practices, including the following:

  • Engaging legislative and community leaders in the early planning and design process, and providing information about our company and specific projects.
  • Hosting community open house meetings to facilitate transparency, provide environmental, safety and geographic project information, and address stakeholder questions and concerns in person.
  • Evaluating community feedback, perspectives and expectations in project decision-making.
  • Working respectfully with landowners in an effort to attain survey access and reach mutually beneficial right-of-way acquisition outcomes.
  • Promoting ongoing responsiveness by providing feedback mechanisms for community questions and concerns.

Depending on the scope of a project, ONEOK may contact or facilitate engagement with representatives of indigenous communities, including, but not limited to, tribal historic preservation officers, to review project plans, construction efforts and operation of new assets. We recognize and respect indigenous people’s culture and diversity. Our process involves meaningful project engagement to provide education to various stakeholder groups on temporary project impacts and sustainable restoration strategies.

811 - Call before you dig!

Public Awareness Program

Our Public Awareness Program operates to inform our neighboring stakeholders of our pipeline and facility safety measures. In accordance with the Public Pipeline Awareness Program, we mail safety brochures to those who live and/or work near our pipelines and/or storage facilities, including emergency responders, public officials, excavators and landowners.

We dedicate ESH resources and funding to the Public Awareness Program to assist in the following:

  • Raise the awareness of key stakeholders of the presence of pipelines in their communities.
  • Educate those who live or work near our pipelines to recognize and react to a potential release or pipeline emergency.
  • Help excavators understand the steps they can take to prevent damage and to respond safely and promptly should their actions cause damage to our pipelines.
  • Better educate the public, emergency officials, local public officials and other key groups about our company’s emergency response and key safety procedures in the unlikely event of an operating problem or incident.
  • Allow emergency response agencies to better understand the safe and proper actions to take to respond to a potential release or pipeline emergency.

Our company is committed to the participation and allocation of the necessary resources to develop, implement and manage the program.

Community Outreach

ONEOK values being a good corporate citizen. Facilitating community investments programs and opportunities that encourage and support engagement helps create shared value by connecting the success of our business with local communities.

Through investments and engagement, we aim to provide a positive environment for our employees, as well as to enhance the quality of life and economic well-being for those in the communities where we operate, and where our employees live and work. We engage community organizations within our operating footprint to understand their development goals and support their fundamental interests through volunteerism and contributions. We believe that collectively, we can make an impact and build stronger communities today and in the future.