The company sent packages to all employees’ homes that included
a thermometer, face coverings and hand sanitizer.


As an Essential Critical Infrastructure business, ONEOK is taking steps to manage potential impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak on our employees, customers, contractors, the communities where we operate and our business. We continue to prioritize safety and health while remaining focused on providing the essential services that our customers and communities rely on us for.

Highlights of some of the ways we’ve supported our stakeholders during the COVID-19 pandemic are below. For additional details and updates on ONEOK’s response, visit


  • In March 2020, we instituted work-from-home procedures for all employees able to perform their jobs off-site, and enacted enhanced safety protocols and physical distancing for critical employees and contractors continuing to work on-site.
  • We provided temporary benefit adjustments, including waiving charges for virtual medical visits and COVID-19 diagnostic tests.
  • We opted into the CARES Act 401(k) loan deferral and penalty-free hardship withdrawal programs for employees.


We pledged approximately $600,000 to support COVID-19 relief across ONEOK’s operating areas, including:

  • Partnering with the North Dakota Community Foundation to create the ONEOK Hospitality Employee COVID-19 Relief Fund.
  • Partnering with local organizations to create the Tulsa Restaurant Employee Relief Fund.
  • Continuing to evaluate support for public schools and community organizations to support those on the front line who help meet immediate needs.


  • We proactively postponed several capital-growth projects to enhance financial strength and flexibility during this period of market uncertainty.
  • We continue to prioritize company communication, including frequent updates to our board of directors from executive management and updates from ONEOK’s president and chief executive officer to all employees.
  • We maintain regular communication with the financial community.