Our operating commitment to environmental compliance sets the expectation to operate responsibly and employ what we believe are best management practices designed to limit potential effects to the environment. We believe companies that anticipate and manage current and future sustainable opportunities and risks by focusing on quality, innovation and efficiency will emerge as leaders and create long-term value for all stakeholders.



Our commitment to the environment is evident in our proactive effort to bring key internal stakeholders together to provide vision, leadership, direction and oversight for programs and processes that will strengthen employee and operational performance. This includes efforts by our executive management, Corporate ESH Leadership Committee, Environmental Sustainability team and newly formed ESG Council. Chartered in early 2019, the council includes leadership from key departments—Legal, Human Resources, ESH, Commercial, Operations, Government Affairs, Investor Relations and Communications—to discuss what we are doing well and opportunities for greater transparency and/or improvement.

Additionally, in an increasingly complex business and regulatory environment, we recognize the importance of having clear, companywide expectations for ESH performance. Because of the mixture of our assets and the scope of environmental regulations, we use an integrated, systems-based approach to manage environmental risks and impacts. This approach assists with the identification, assessment and control of ESH and operations risk.