The marketplace has demonstrated that it prefers a variety of energy sources, especially when they complement one another, as do natural gas and renewables like wind and solar. ONEOK uses these renewables in a number of ways, including through the purchase of electricity, a percentage of which is wind-or solar-generated, and in the implementation of solar technology at various facilities.


More than 10,000 of our measurement facilities utilize solar power. As we continue to look for ways to improve energy efficiencies, we are exploring the technology’s benefits at several newer, larger sites. Since many of our facilities are in remote locations, solar power is often a more accessible solution, and the cost of implementation continues to become more cost effective as well.


Through our internal Energy Management Program, we evaluate potential energy efficiencies and implement new processes. Among those identified is energy load shedding, which consists of reducing our electric consumption at key times and locations while not impacting our ability to operate and serve our customers. Recently, ONEOK was recognized for these efforts as the recipient of the GPA Midstream 2019 Energy Conservation Award.


Upgrading to LED lighting reduces safety hazards associated with physical bulb replacement as well as the consumption and disposal of hazardous mercury-containing bulbs. Recently, several facilities installed new interior LED lighting, including compressor stations, processing plants and storage facilities. In addition to interior lighting, various locations upgraded exterior lights and emergency and exit lighting.