Continually improving our recycling and waste reduction programs helps divert waste from landfills and is important to our sustainability efforts.



In April 2018, our ONEOK Plaza headquarters transitioned to a single-stream recycling system. Paper, cardboard, plastics, metals and glass are recycled together. The mixed stream of recyclables is sent to a local facility where they are sorted for recycling. Since implementing, collected recyclable materials has quadrupled. In addition to recycling municipal waste, ONEOK participates in recycling common office waste where possible.

Enablon Waste Module

Following the launch of ONEOK’s companywide Enablon waste management software, total hazardous waste volumes for 2018 were captured in a single software solution. This application has allowed for transparency and visibility into waste volumes, as disclosed in the ESG Performance Table, and waste reduction opportunities.

Additional ESH software applications, including air emissions and regulatory compliance management, are being developed as part of ONEOK’s ESH Management Systems program for future deployment.


ONEOK recently implemented a waste management system that streamlines required reporting and provides overall understanding of quantities of materials disposed. This data enables us to better understand the types and quantities of regulated waste generated within our organization. As we continue to implement and enhance this tracking system, we expect to find innovative ways to reduce waste generated, recycle waste when possible and improve processes for more sustainable approaches to managing waste.