ONEOK’s Environmental, Safety and Health (ESH) Leadership Committee provides vision, leadership, direction and oversight for all ESH programs, processes and management systems. The committee is composed of senior management and subject-matter experts representing key areas of the company. An operations subcommittee co-chaired by ONEOK’s vice president of natural gas liquids operations and vice president of natural gas operations focuses on process safety oversight and opportunities.

The ESH Leadership Committee has recently driven action that, among other things, includes implementing the use of severity ratings in certain ONEOK ESH metrics in order to better understand trends and drive meaningful improvements.

The ESH Leadership Committee routinely provides updates to the board of directors through monthly board reports, and three of the committee members report directly to ONEOK’s chief executive officer, who is also a board member.


  • Promoting and advocating expectations for ESH and ESG excellence across our organization.
  • Reviewing performance trends and driving initiatives and accountability to improve performance.
  • Driving consistency and sharing of company best practices among business segments.
  • Identifying, evaluating and communicating emerging issues that may impact ESH and ESG performance.
  • Supporting broad communication of ESH policies, standards and objectives, and promoting consistent companywide application.
  • Facilitating improvements through oversight of the ESH management system framework.
  • Overseeing our company’s ESH recognition/reward programs.
  • Considering potential ESH and ESG risks and opportunities that could significantly impact our company’s business strategies in connection with corporate planning and decision-making processes.


ONEOK formed an ESG Council in early 2019 as part of our corporate goal to continuously improve ESG performance and provide meaningful disclosures. The council, which ultimately reports to the ESH Leadership Committee, provides ONEOK with sustainability-focused vision, direction and oversight. Members include leaders from various departments across the company including Operations, Human Resources, Legal, Commercial, Corporate ESH, Government Affairs, SEC Reporting, Investor Relations and Communications.

Enhanced corporate disclosure milestones since the council’s launch include posting an ESG Performance Data Table with metrics on a growing number of items to our website and adopting the use of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards for reporting financially material sustainability information.


  • Reviewing performance trends, providing direction, defining goals and recommending initiatives to drive improvement.
  • Reviewing and recommending current and future ESG disclosures.
  • Responding to investor inquiries and rating/ranking agency reports related to ESG topics.
  • Reviewing and recommending corporate-level ESG policies and commitments.
  • Evaluating and considering future ESG investments.
  • Promoting ESG-related best practices.
  • Evaluating potential company ESG risks and opportunities.

ONEOK’s vice president of environment, safety and health sits on both the ESG Council and ESH Leadership Committee and provides regular updates to the ONEOK Board of Directors on sustainability, environmental, safety and health topics. Communication includes attendance and participation as needed at board of directors and board audit committee meetings.



Executive VP, Chief Administrative Officer

Executive VP, Chief Operating Officer

Senior VP, General Counsel and Assistant Secretary

VP, Environment, Safety and Health

VP, Natural Gas Operations

VP, Natural Gas Liquids Operations

Environmental Legal Counsel

VP, Associate General Counsel and Secretary

VP, Associate General Counsel – Compliance and Ethics

VP, Environment, Safety and Health

VP, Gas Supply, ONEOK Field Services

VP, Human Resources

VP, Investor Relations and Corporate Affairs

VP, NGL Pipelines and Terminals

Director, Corporate ESH and Sustainability

Director, Government Relations

Director, SEC Reporting

Director, Sustainability Advocacy and Development