ONEOK actively participates in the federal, state and local public policy processes that affect our employees, business, customers and the communities where we operate. ONEOK government relations representatives actively monitor legislative issues and regulations in more than a dozen states and in Washington, D.C., and work to educate public officials about our operations and the energy industry.

Key policy issues regularly monitored by ONEOK include pipeline safety and critical infrastructure legislation, environmental policy, taxes and eminent domain laws.

Part of our government relations strategy includes advocating for our business and industry by engaging with industry associations and utilizing ONEOK Employee Political Action Committee (ONEOK Employee PAC) membership and resources.


Involvement with industry associations, legislative and/or regulatory committees and other stakeholder groups strengthens ONEOK’s ability to advocate for our interests. Through involvement in these groups, we participate in discussions about policy issues related to our business and provide input from the midstream energy sector.

In 2019, ONEOK was involved in 40 association groups in eight states and Washington, D.C., including energy industry associations, state chambers of commerce, environmental associations and safety stakeholder groups.

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ONEOK does not contribute corporate funds to political candidates but offers eligible employees the opportunity to participate in the political process by contributing to the ONEOK Employee PAC, a voluntary fund that supports candidates who promote business and the energy industry.

A steering committee made up of five senior management representatives oversees all decisions and management of the ONEOK Employee PAC. A contribution committee made up of approximately 15 employees from across our operating areas oversees and approves all ONEOK Employee PAC contributions to political candidates.

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100% of contributions are from employee PAC members. The ONEOK Employee PAC is registered with the U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC). It operates independently of any political party and complies with all reporting requirements of the FEC and state and local laws.