GRI 102 – General Disclosures
Organizational Profile
102-1Name of the organizationAbout Us
102-2Activities, brands, products, and servicesAbout Us
102-4Location of operationsOur Assets
102-5Ownership and legal form4
102-6Markets served10
102-7Scale of the organization10,44, see proxy statement
102-8Information on employees and other workers45
102-9Report a description of the organization's supply chain, including its
main elements as they relate to the organization's activities, primary
brands, products and services
4, 52,
102-10Significant changes to the organization2
102-13Membership of associations58-59
102-14Statement from senior decision-makerCEO Letter
102-15Key impacts, risks and opportunitiesEnvironment,
Emissions and Climate Change, Biodiversity, Leak Detection, Recycling and Waste Reduction, Energy Use and Management, Social, Safety and Health, Information Security
Ethics and Integrity
102-16Values, principles, standards and norms of behaviorAbout Us
102-17Mechanisms for advice and concerns about ethicsGovernance, Ethics Compliance,
102-18Governance structuresee proxy statement
102-19Delegating authoritysee proxy statement
102-20Executive-level responsibility for economic, environmental and social topicsGovernance, see proxy statement
102-21Consulting stakeholders on economic, environmental and social topicsReporting
102-22Composition of the highest governance body and its committeessee proxy statement
102-23Report whether the chair of the highest governance body is also an executive officer, describe his or her function within the organization management and the reasons for this arrangementchair is not an executive officer of organization, see proxy statement
102-24Report the nomination and selection processes for the highest governance body and its committees, and the criteria used for nominating and selecting highest governance body memberssee proxy statement
102-25Conflicts of interestsee proxy statement
102-26Role of highest governance body in setting purpose, values and strategyGovernance, see proxy statement
102-27Collective knowledge of highest governance bodysee proxy statement
102-28Evaluating the highest governance body’s performancesee proxy statement
102-29Identifying and managing economic, environmental and social impactssee proxy statement
102-30Effectiveness of risk management processessee proxy statement
102-31Review of economic, environmental and social topicssee proxy statement
102-32Report the highest committee reviews and approves the organizations sustainability report and ensures that all material topics are coveredGovernance, see proxy statement
102-33Communicating critical concernssee proxy statement
102-34Report the total number and nature of critical concerns that were communicated to the highest governance body and the mechanism(s) used to address and resolve critical concernssee proxy statement
102-35Remuneration policiessee proxy statement
102-36Process for determining remunerationsee proxy statement
102-37Stakeholders involvement in remunerationsee proxy statement
102-38Annual total compensation ratiosee proxy statement
102-39Percentage increase in annual total compensation ratiosee proxy statement
Stakeholder Engagement
102-40List of stakeholder groupsOur Commitments, Stakeholder Engagement
102-41Collective bargaining agreementsN/A
102-42Report the basis for identification and selection of stakeholders with whom to engageStakeholder Engagement
102-43Report the organizations approach to stakeholder engagement, including frequency of engagement by type and by stakeholder group, and an indication of whether any of the engagement was undertaken specifically as part of the report preparation processStakeholder Engagement
102-44Key topics and concerns raisedReporting, Our Commitments, Stakeholder Engagement
Reporting Practices
102-45Entities included in the consolidated financial statementsAbout Us
102-47List of material topicsReporting
102-48Report significant changes from previous report periods in the list of material topics and boundariesN/A
102-49Report significant changes from previous report periods in the list of
material topics and boundaries
102-50Reporting periodReporting
102-51Date of most recent reportReporting
102-52Reporting cycleReporting
102-53Contact point for questions regarding the
102-55GRI content indexGRI Indicators