Long-term sustainability is tied to our commitment to attract, develop and retain a diverse group of talented employees, and with our focus on sustainable growth, employing people with the best skills, values and abilities continues to be as important as ever.

ONEOK’s approach to recruitment is collaborative, involving people attraction and selection, diversity and inclusion, and community investments, among others, to execute a strategy that meets our hiring and retention needs. Furthermore, ONEOK understands that investing in education and our communities raises the level of talent for all. We create opportunities for students to engage with ONEOK through:

  • Intern and trainee programs for university and technical school students.
  • Support for in-school science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)-related programs.
  • Diversity and inclusion funding, visits and virtual meetings at universities and technical schools.
  • Summer internships for high school students.

In addition to university and technical school recruiting, ONEOK also commits significant resources to hiring experienced candidates through our full-time hire program, which encompasses external and internal hiring.

Total school visits:40 (includes universities, technical schools and high schools)
Students in summer intern/trainee program:74