ONEOK is committed to ongoing engagement with our stakeholders. We work to build constructive relationships with our diverse stakeholder groups and to operate our businesses in a manner that recognizes the ESG expectations of those groups. Some of these key stakeholders and examples of how we engage with them are described below.

Key Stakeholder GroupEngagement ExamplesAdditional Information
Communities and Landowners

  • Public safety awareness programs such as 811 Call Before You Dig.

  • Opportunities for one-on-one meetings and community open house events prior to project construction.

  • Post-construction landowner follow-ups to restore and maintain right of way.

  • Employee volunteer network.

  • Financial contributions through the ONEOK Foundation and corporate contributions.

  • Executive management and employee representation on community foundations and boards.

Highlight: ONEOK committed approximately $600,000 to support COVID-19 relief efforts across our operations in 2020.

Highlight: ONEOK, or a representative, pursues contact with all landowners where new project construction will be located. During 2019, ONEOK contacted approximately 2,600 landowners as part of its pipeline project outreach.

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  • Regular dialogue and meetings.

  • Customer satisfaction surveys.

  • Customer appreciation events.

Highlight: ONEOK uses a variety of engagement methods such as meetings, phone calls, events and outings to foster sustainable relationships with our customers. During 2019, we engaged with more than 95% of customers in all three of our business segments – natural gas liquids, natural gas pipelines, and natural gas gathering and processing.
Employees and Contractors

  • Executive management employee meetings across our operations.

  • Business resource groups.

  • Mentoring programs.

  • Employee surveys and focus groups.

  • Appreciation events.

  • Employee Assistance Program.

  • Whistleblower hotline.

Highlight: ONEOK completed an employee engagement survey in 2019 with an 82% participation rate. Based on data from 130 companies and more than 4 million survey respondents, ONEOK scored at or higher than the benchmark on approximately 95% of questions. ONEOK’s Diversity and Inclusion team also surveyed group members specifically on their perception of ESG topics and ONEOK’s performance.

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Governments and Regulatory Agencies

  • Active Government Relations team with representation in all states where we operate and Washington, D.C.

  • Ongoing dialogue with regulators and policy-makers.

  • Frequent engagement throughout capital-growth project construction.

  • Emergency response coordination and training drills.

Highlight: ONEOK participates on advisory committees such as the North Dakota Gas Capture Task Force to offer industry perspectives and help provide solutions to public issues.

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Indigenous/Native American People

  • Engagement with representatives of Indigenous communities, such as tribal historic preservation officers, to review project plans.

  • Participation in industry events promoting dialogue between energy companies and Indigenous groups.

  • Employee resource group facilitates educational opportunities and encourages open dialogue.

Highlight: Leaders from ONEOK’s Indigenous/Native American Resource Group participated in a national tribal engagement workshop hosted by the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA), where industry and tribal leaders discussed opportunities for continued engagement and collaboration.

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Industry Associations

  • Industry association memberships.

  • Employee participation on boards and association committees.

Highlight: As a member of INGAA, ONEOK commits to continuously improving practices to minimize methane emissions from interstate natural gas transmission and storage operations in a prudent and environmentally responsible manner.
Highlight: ONEOK joined Our Nation’s Energy Future Coalition (ONE Future), committing to lower methane emissions.

More information:

  • Executive management participation in investor conferences, roadshows and industry conferences.

  • Dedicated Investor Relations team holds regular meetings with investors.

  • Dedicated Investor Relations hotline.

  • Annual shareholder meeting and quarterly earnings calls.

  • Annual election of directors with majority voting standard.

Highlight: During 2019, members of our management team and Investor Relations group attended or hosted approximately 20 investor conferences or events and held more than 350 discussions with the financial community.

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