The long-term sustainability of ONEOK’s business is dependent on our ability to attract, develop and retain a diverse group of talented employees who are driven to innovate and willing to challenge the status quo.

We hire and retain high-caliber talent by creating an inclusive environment that rewards employees for their work and offers opportunities for continuing career development.

In 2019, we restructured our talent management organization, bringing together the previously separate attraction and selection; organizational development; diversity and inclusion; and employee relations teams. All teams now report to the director of talent management, better aligning resources and increasing opportunities for collaboration.


In 2019, ONEOK conducted a companywide employee engagement survey. The survey, administered by a third-party firm specializing in employee engagement and analysis, targeted key workforce topics, including trust and collaboration, work conditions and leadership. Compared with a benchmark based on data from 130 companies and more than 4 million survey respondents, ONEOK scored at or higher than the benchmark on approximately 95% of questions. ONEOK received an engagement index score of 87%, which is considered best-in-class based on market research. Company leaders reviewed survey results and identified companywide and segment-specific focus areas and action items.


Our recruitment strategy emphasizes ONEOK’s core values and commitments to our people, communities and safe and reliable operating practices.

Human resources works closely with team leaders to recruit high-quality candidates for openings within their departments. During 2019, the time to fill positions reduced by approximately 30 days companywide. ONEOK prioritizes recruiting and hiring local talent when possible. As of Dec. 31, 2019, 94% of employees were residents of the state where their position was located.

We also use targeted recruitment events and programming and maintain strong relationships with area technical schools, colleges and universities as part of our strategy to attract talent.

ONEOK’s support of universities and technical schools in our communities includes a long-standing partnership with Langston University, the only historically Black college and university in Oklahoma. ONEOK’s relationship with Langston includes contributing to programming in important energy-industry focus areas such as accounting and information technology; career development in the form of mock interviews, resume assistance, job shadowing and internships; and financial contributions to help support student scholarships, career services and campus infrastructure improvements.

  • To support veteran recruitment, ONEOK added a Military Occupational Code (MOC) Translator to the company
    careers website that allows potential candidates to use military titles to search for openings at ONEOK that require
    similar skillsets.
  • To enhance recruiting in North Dakota, a key ONEOK operating area, ONEOK’s Lonesome Creek natural gas processing plant hosted its first career open house event, inviting more than 100 local applicants for a cookout, facility tours and on-site interviews. Three applicants who attended the event were hired for open positions and area colleges attended the event to promote their energy programs to entry-level candidates looking to gain more experience.
  • ONEOK representatives attended approximately 50 college campus events, including interviews, career fairs or networking events. ONEOK employed 65 interns and hired 21 new college graduates to full-time hires.
  • We contributed $200,000 to support area universities and technical schools in enhancing student programs and energy-industry key disciplines. Of that funding, 36% was geared specifically toward diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • We sponsored the Girls in Energy Day through Bismarck State College and the Women in Technology event through Texas State College. These events were geared toward introducing middle and high school-aged students to STEM careers.


ONEOK is committed to offering a competitive total compensation package. We regularly compare compensation and benefits with peer companies and market data, making adjustments as needed to ensure compensation stays competitive.

Our market-based compensation philosophy gives leaders the flexibility to adjust employee compensation to reflect experience, performance and market factors. Leaders are expected to perform annual salary reviews supported by market survey data compiled by human resources. The compensation team also assists the legal department with periodic audits and analysis of pay data including pay equity among various employee demographics.

Company-sponsored benefits are an important part of an employee’s total compensation. For a full list of benefits offered to full-time ONEOK employees, visit oneok.com/careers/benefits.


In 2019, ONEOK implemented a 401(k) plan annual increase program to help employees stay on track with retirement savings. Unless employees opt out, the program automatically increases employee contributions to the plan by 1% annually, until they reach 10%. Additionally, in 2020, ONEOK began allowing eligible participants who were no longer with our company the option to take 401(k) withdrawals on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. The change allows participants flexibility to access funds in retirement without moving their entire account.

As of May 31, 2020, approximately 96% of eligible employees participated in ONEOK’s 401(k) plan. Of those participating, 95% contributed at or above the 6% company match.

Maternity, paternity
and adoption leave
• Full-time employees: up to 240 hours of 100% paid leave for nonmedical baby bonding following birth/adoption.
• Part-time employees: up to 120 hours of 100% paid leave.
Health benefits
• Medical, dental and vision plans; virtual health visits.
• CareATC partnership offers company on-site (headquarters only) and near-site clinics in several of ONEOK’s operating areas.
Wellness program
• Resources, information and programs to help employees lead healthy lives.
• Diabetes prevention and weight loss program covering employees and spouses/domestic partners.
401(k) plan • Matches employee contributions up to 6% of eligible compensation.
• Employees are immediately eligible to participate.
Employee stock
purchase plan
• Employees may purchase ONEOK stock at a 15% discounted price up to 10% of annual base pay.
• Approximately 70% of eligible employees participate in the employee stock purchase plan.


ONEOK believes that a diverse and inclusive workforce is critical to our continued success. We embed diversity and inclusion leadership development and programming throughout the organization to help create an environment where all employees know that their unique skills, abilities, experiences and identities are valued.

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Serves in an advisory capacity to guide ONEOK’s diversity and inclusion efforts.

• President and CEO (chair)
• CFO, Treasurer and Executive VP, Strategic Planning and Corporate Affairs (vice chair)
• Executive VP, Chief Administrative Officer
• Executive VP, Chief Operating Officer
• Senior VP, General Counsel and Assistant Secretary
• VP, Human Resources
DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION COUNCIL: This diverse group of approximately 15 employees from across the company provides insight on how diversity and inclusion can improve ONEOK’s organizational performance, drive overall business results and ensure the company achieves all diversity-related goals.
BUSINESS RESOURCE GROUPS: Employee-led business resource groups promote the development of traditionally underrepresented segments of our workforce. All employees are invited to become a supporter of one or more of these groups, and each is advised by two vice president-level executive sponsors.

ONEOK Business Resource Groups:
• Black/African American
• Indigenous/Native American
• Latinx/Hispanic American
• Veterans
• Women
DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION WORK GROUP: A three-person diversity and inclusion team led by our manager of diversity and inclusion supports and implements a variety of inclusion and leadership-related initiatives throughout the organization and as part of ONEOK community partnerships.

In 2019, the diversity and inclusion team became part of the ONEOK organizational development group, which is included under talent management. The reorganization creates enhanced opportunities for diversity and inclusion to be incorporated into leadership training and continuing development programming.

In response to national events that have highlighted racial inequity across our country, ONEOK is offering specific diversity and inclusion programming and educational resources to employees. ONEOK is currently offering individual and group counseling, allyship workshops, an educational email series and other educational resources, and has provided virtual venues for employees to hold honest conversations about race. We continue to evaluate additional opportunities to support our diverse employee community and to ensure ONEOK remains an inclusive workplace.


ONEOK views diversity and inclusion as an important part of our long-term sustainability. In early 2020, Diversity and Inclusion Council members completed an ESG Survey designed to gather a baseline of perspectives and feedback on ONEOK’s ESG efforts to date and recommendations for possible future actions. Survey results, which included ideas for innovation as well as the importance of using focused messaging to communicate ONEOK’s commitment to ESG and its alignment with other company goals throughout the organization, were presented to ONEOK’s ESG Council to provide insight into employees’ views of ESG at the company.

Employees at the 2019 Martin Luther King Jr. parade in Tulsa, Oklahoma


Providing professional and leadership development opportunities for our workforce is critical to retaining high-performing employees and promoting a culture of continuous improvement. During 2019, ONEOK employees completed approximately 13,200 hours of training focused on leadership, professional development, and diversity and inclusion.

Career path training and resources are provided through:

  • Mid-year performance reviews and annual performance assessments for all employees.
  • Training and resources including webinars, in-person trainings, individual consultations, books and self-guided learning.
  • Formal mentoring programs and leadership engagement provided through business resource groups.
  • Leading High Performing Teams – 4,200 Training Hours: The launch of Leading High Performin Teams training sessions was a result of combining the diversity and inclusion and organizational development teams in 2019. The training reaches leaders across our operations and allows ONEOK to proactively facilitate deep conversations about the importance of leading inclusive teams where people feel respected, valued and heard.
  • Women’s Resource Group Leadership Development Roundtable – 915 Training Hours: The popular Leadership Development Roundtable series of webinars and small group discussions hosted by our Women’s Resource Group reached more than 300 employees during 2019. Webinars are provided by the organization Be Leaderly and feature outstanding women leaders, as well as male allies, who share their top career and leadership tips and provide tools and strategies for career advancement.
  • Black/African American Resource Group Mentoring Circles – 400 Training Hours: In early 2019, the Black/African American Resource Group began a group mentoring program that paired senior leaders with small groups of employees to discuss topics related to sponsorship, career management, leading from any level and more. The mentoring program continues to expand and now has eight groups, more than 80 participants and offers a new pilot program allowing employees from field locations to join discussions online.
  • Executive Mentoring Sessions – 200 Training Hours: Diversity and Inclusion offered employees an opportunity to participate in small-group mentoring sessions with senior executives. Sixty-four employees participated in this opportunity to learn directly from ONEOK’s senior leaders.
  • Veterans Resource Group VALOR Series – 150 Training Hours: The Veterans Resource Group launched a small-group, three-session leadership development program called VALOR (Veterans Allies Leading Organizational Readiness) hosted in both field and corporate locations.
Additional training is provided by various groups within our company focusing on topics like corporate compliance; ethics; environment, safety and health; information security; antiharassment; and human rights; or other policies.


NOTE: All 2019 data is as of Dec. 31, 2019, unless otherwise noted. 2018 data current as of April 2019, and 2017 data as of March 2018.

North Dakota
Texas 340
Additional States141
Employee workforce information is based on state of employment. Additional states category includes Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.
Texas $39,539,650
North Dakota$38,040,667
Additional States$26,596,111
Total payroll was $455.8 million in 2019 and represents a cumulative total paid throughout the year. Payroll information is based on employee state of residence. Comparing payroll and workforce information side-by-side would not necessarily be accurate because some employees live and work in different states and/or employees leave the company throughout the year.
Additional states category includes Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Wyoming.


NOTE: All 2019 data is as of Dec. 31, 2019, unless otherwise noted. 2018 data current as of April 2019, and 2017 data as of March 2018.